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TAURUS Reusable Pasties

TAURUS Reusable Pasties

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Each zodiac pair will be released as each season comes, starting with Cancer season. BUT you CAN request your sign to be custom made at ANY TIME in the notes at checkout!!

(Just specify your sign and 2 colors you want) 


Welcome babes, prepare to be freed! Please read before purchasing <3

Our products are extremely easy and convenient to use. They are made from a hypoallergenic, sweatproof and flexible medical-grade adhesive that lasts well over 12 hours. So fear no more of the trials, slips, and wardrobe malfunctions, we’ve got you covered! 

The high-quality, hand-made base design is made from fabric that allows the pasties to be reusable with the purchase of extra adhesive sheets. 

Enjoy these custom pasties at raves, festivals, the club or poolside. They are great for fashion emergencies, a fun night out, spicing up an intimate evening, and getting creative with costumes. 

All pasties are handmade with love in Los Angeles, so each pair is unique and texturized! They MAY slightly vary from picture.

 *As always, colors can be customized.*

S - 3 inch 
M- 3.5 inch
L- 4 inch 
XS and XL also available upon request.

1. Peel off backing.
2. Apply onto clean and dry skin, free of oils or lotions.
3. Smooth down edges.
4. Wear all night! 
5. Remove gently.

To Reuse: Additional, pre-cut adhesive sheets available for purchase at $5 a pair. 
1. Simply detach the used adhesive from the fabric backing & throw away. 
2. Peel off the new adhesive from the shiny backing first! 
3. Apply firmly and carefully onto fabric, in line with the fabric shape. 
4. Peel off the opposite side (matte paper backing). 
5. And repeat! 

No returns or exchanges on pasties (for hygienic reasons) unless arrived damaged or defective. 

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