Cabaret le Cirque

          Cabaret le Cirque is an all-original, brand new live production created by Dublin Worldwide Productions that blends cabaret, burlesque, vaudeville and cirque acts to present a truly one-of-a-kind experience. I've had the pleasure of being put onto this project as the costume designer; Putting together 116 costumes total for this opening cast of 23 singers, dancers and cirque acts. In addition to fitting each cast member, altering, and shopping for costumes - I also sewed custom pieces to give a truly unique feel to the show. This was also my first time working with circus acts; So it was a new and exciting experience to create costumes that they felt beautiful in, while being sure not to jeopardize their act or safety when performing in them. Overall this show was an amazing experience and I'll never forget how accomplished I felt to make my debut as a costume designer for a new live production!