Meghan Trainor - Made You Look

         This production was a huge breakthrough for my career. I had the chance to work on this music video as the on-set seamstress, shopper, and style assistant for the backup dancers and extras. Sourcing garments for all 16 dancers and extras was a challenge, but I used my resources intelligently by thrifting and pulling items from couture brands like Jovana Louis. Aside from shopping and styling, I also got to create handmade, custom looks for some of the dancers. These custom pieces include a white, floral beret with pink trim, a handmade Lisa Frank inspired top with gold chain embellishments, and a yellow/pink plaid set hand-sewed on the actor on set. It was a blessing to get to use multiple talents of mine and make these looks come together for Meghan Trainor's colorful, Candy Crush inspired music video.