The Free Yourself SS '22 "Art Is Truth" collection is my largest and most complex drop to date. I was inspired to make these colorful, loud garments for the sunny festival season and fun summer events. I consider this collection to be a shift in my career as a designer because the pieces are a lot more developed and unique; My evolving sewing skills are prominent in the clothing, as well as my original pattern designs. 
I loved the idea of mixing an ethereal purple tone with bright, bold colors and patterns. I wanted to play with psychedelic fabrics to demand attention and curiosity. It's important for me to break the barriers of "safe" fashion and dive into a vast color palette. The world is already dark enough, so you might as well live it in color! These pieces were a way to express the divine femininity I hope my supporters feel when dressed in my art. Fashion has always been my art form, and this collection was a shift closer into living my full truth.